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Bellflower Municipal Election Information

The November general election will be the first statewide all mail-in ballot election in California’s history. As there are updates to voting procedures and information, we will continue to keep you up-to-date. To check your current voting registration status, visit: voterstatus.sos.ca.gov.

There are two local items on the November ballot for consideration.

Voters will select a new Council Member for District No. 4 within the City of Bellflower.

To see District No. 4 map click here.

Additionally, the November ballot includes Measure M. This was placed on the ballot by a unanimous City Council on July 30th. If approved by voters, Measure M would increase local sales tax by ¾ cent. All revenues could be placed in the City’s General Fund to pay for additional municipal services such as public safety services, addressing homelessness, youth programs, and repairing streets.

In the last decade, the State has taken more than $20 million in funding for local services from the City of Bellflower. As for the last two L.A. County sales tax increases, only approximately 17 cents on the dollar is being returned to our City.

For more information on Bellflower’s upcoming Municipal Election, visit the links below.


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