Southeast L.A. County Transit Guide

A new and easy to use regional transit guide is available to residents of Bellflower, making it easier than ever to get information about trying transit.

The first Southeast LA County Transit Guide, a one-stop source for public transit information, was mailed to 170,000 households in the southeast area during March. Guides are available, free of charge, at City Hall, while supplies last.

The Guide features Bellflower and identifies the readily available regional, local and specialized transit services in our community. You can see at a glance how the regional and local transit providers work together to provide an integrated system of bus and rail services.

The Guide tells you how to get maps, schedules and best of all, free trip planning. You can use the Guide to access websites, phone numbers and contact information to help plan a trip. The Guide compiles all the transit information into an easy-to-use booklet much like a “transit phone book”.

The Southeast LA County Transit Guide is made possible at no cost to southeast area residents through a grant from Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Long Beach Transit.