Introducing Bellflower Connect – Powered by the City of Bellflower

Bellflower Connect is the City of Bellflower’s new community broadband network is underway. The new network will help bridge the digital divide by providing free, outdoor wireless broadband access all over Bellflower.

The City is rolling out this service in phases over the next 24 months, beginning with Phase 1 around Downtown Bellflower (May 1, 2023). A map of the planned phase areas is viewable below. We are currently working on Phase 1 only at this time.

The City also plans to offer free in-home, broadband access modems to eligible households in Bellflower. These modems will amplify the outdoor wireless signal from the network into a home – giving eligible households a free, high-speed internet connection at no additional cost.

You are eligible for a free in-home unit if:

  • You reside in either qualified census tracts highlighted on map below (click on map to view larger);
Qualified Census Tract map

  • participate in any government assistance programs;

  • or qualify by household income
EFFECTIVE 5/15/2023
1 $57,395
2 $65,585
3 $74,580
4 $90,000
5 $105,420
6 $120,840
7 $136,260
8 $151,680

Click the button below to apply. We are accepting PHASE 1 applications at this time.

If you do not qualify for a free residential In-Home Unit or are a Bellflower business interested in this service, it will be made available for a monthly fee. Residential rates: $19.99/month. Business rates: $29.99/month. No contract is issued, and In-Home Unit rental fee is included in the total month fee (as stated). 

This program is made possible with funding from the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. To access our list of frequently asked questions (FAQs), click HERE.  T

Bookmark this page for future updates on this exciting new service for our community!