What is Bellflower Connect and where will it available?

Who is providing this service?

How much will Bellflower Connect cost?

How will I get connected?

What download and upload speeds can I expect with Bellflower Connect?

Will Bellflower Connect have data caps, throttling, or streaming limits?

How is Bellflower Connect different from other internet services?

Will service be available to small businesses in my area?

Yes, all Bellflower businesses will be invited to join the network as clients and marketing partners focused on the local markets they serve.

Will bad weather affect my service?

How secure will the network be?

Will Bellflower Connect sell my information?

What devices will I need to use this service?

Will I be able to stay connected 24 hours a day, 7 days week?

Will my search history be stored on the network?

How many users will the network securely protect? Will there be a cap on the maximum number of users?

Will the internet company provide routine maintenance on its network security?

Will the Internet Service Provider (ISP) contract be readily available for users to review? If so, is the ISP contract negotiable?

What is the City of Bellflower's In-Home Broadband Access Program?

Will I qualify for this program?

How will be able to sign up for this program?

Where does the money for this program come from?

What kind of modem and equipment would I get as part of this program?

If I move, will I be able to take the modem with me?

How will the modem be installed?

What download and upload speeds can I expect with my modem?

Will the modems have data caps, throttling, or streaming limits?

Where will I be able to find help with my modem?

What can I do with the equipment if I decide not to use it anymore?

Will there be a cost to cancel or return the equipment?

How will I be able to reboot my equipment?

Will there be any upgrade options available?

Will I need to disconnect my current Wi-Fi internet service before this service is set up?

Will this program be available to people who live in an apartment, condominium, mobile home or townhome?

Will my in-home unit be password protected? Will I be able to change the password?