Urban Runoff Reduction

As rainwater runs through our streets, yards, roofs, parking lots and driveways, it collects pollutants such as dirt, trash, oils and metals that wind up in our storm drains and eventually our oceans and rivers. This urban runoff is one of the greatest sources of pollution that threaten our valuable water resources. However, there are a variety of options you can take to help reduce urban runoff.

  • Sweep sidewalks and driveways instead of washing them down with a hose.
  • Replace conventional asphalt and concrete surfaces with permeable surfaces such as wheel tracks, pervious concrete and unit pavers. See more information on permeable surfaces.
  • Consider planting vegetation on your rooftop to create a “green roof” that will help capture rainwater (requires separate review). Green roofs also provide increased energy efficiency and insulation. See more information on green roofs.
  • Use a rain garden to collect rooftop runoff. See more information on rain gardens.

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