Planning and Zoning FAQs

What is the zoning for my property(s)?
You have the following options to determine the zoning for your property. Option 1 - you can go to our GIS page and type in your address and turn on the zoning layer or Option 2 - you can view the zoning map to find your property and zoning or Option 3 - you can contact the Planning Division staff at 562-804-1424.
How can I find the zoning development standards for my property(s)?
Please visit Title 17 Zoning of the Bellflower Municipal Code and find the zoning chapter for your property(s). When you find the zoning chapter click on the link to see the development standards.
Does the City permit Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) and where can I find development standards for ADUs?
Yes, the City does allow ADUs on residentially zoned properties. Please click here to view the ADU development standards.