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The City has adopted an Outdoor Dining Ordinance, which will allow for permanent outdoor dining for restaurants in all zones.  Outdoor dining will be allowed within the public sidewalk or on private property with an Outdoor Dining Permit.  Outdoor dining creates an inviting atmosphere along commercial corridors and provides more flexibility with seating and waiting areas for restaurant. 

Some of the main requirements for outdoor dining include, providing adequate pedestrian circulation and access and complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act, requiring tables and chairs used be of substantial materials, providing a safety plan to ensure patrons are protected while dining, ensuring that the outdoor dining does not block visibility of the adjacent businesses, and ensuring that the outdoor dining area be maintained in a clean and safe condition at all times. 

To apply for an Outdoor Dining Permit, contact the Planning Division at (562) 804-1424 ext. 2314 or 2011.  An application, application fee, diagram of the outdoor dining area, examples of the outdoor dining furnishings, the days and times of the outdoor dining activities, and a safety plan are required to be submitted.

Click here to apply/view the Bellflower Outdoor Dining permit and be sure to review current LA County Public Health reopening protocols.
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Planning Applications7 documents

  • Temporary Use Permit (TUP) Application
    document date 11-13-2020
  • Temporary Sign Application
    document date 05-24-2021
  • Sign Application
    document date 06-23-2021
  • Outdoor Dining Permit
    document date 01-06-2022
  • ADU Application
    document date 05-02-2023
  • Project Application
    document date 09-08-2023
  • Address Assignment Application
    document date 12-14-2023

Planning Handouts14 documents

  • A Citizen's Guide to Architectural Plan Requirements
    document date 11-13-2020
  • A Citizen's Guide to Entitlement Justification
    document date 11-13-2020
  • A Citizen's Guide to Mechanical Screening
    document date 11-13-2020
  • A Citizen's Guide to Tentative Map Requirements
    document date 11-13-2020
  • Common Line Agreement
    document date 03-15-2021
  • A Citizen's Guide to Lot Line Adjustments
    document date 09-09-2022
  • A Citizen's Guide to Covenants
    document date 01-10-2023
  • A Citizen's Guide to Fence and Wall Heights
    document date 09-08-2023
  • A Citizen's Guide to Shade Structures
    document date 09-08-2023
  • A Citizen's Guide to Trash Enclosures
    document date 09-08-2023
  • A Citizen's Guide to Recording a Covenant
    document date 09-08-2023
  • A Citizen's Guide to Filing a Final Map
    document date 01-11-2024
  • A Citizen's Guide To Development Fees
    document date 01-26-2024
  • A Citizen's Guide to Drawing Radius Maps
    document date 02-01-2024