Parking Division

The City of Bellflower enforces all applicable parking rules, regulations, and laws, while also applying as much reasonableness and fairness as possible. Parking enforcement in Bellflower is necessary for the following reasons:
  • Controlling the number of cars parked on crowded City streets
  • Allowing for proper street sweeping
  • Protecting public streets from damage caused by overweight vehicles
  • Providing safe driving conditions
  • Preventing commercial use of public streets
  • Allowing emergency vehicle access
  • Preserving neighborhood aesthetics and property values
  • Eliminating improperly registered vehicles from City streets
All parking citations should be promptly paid to avoid late fees, collection notices, and lapsing of vehicle registration. Parking citations may be contested administratively and in Superior Court.

There is a three step process by which parking citations may be contested, as follows:

  • Administrative Review – A person wishing to contest a parking citation must first apply for an Administrative Review. This is the process in which the parking citation is reviewed on the basis of prima facie evidence, or based on the information provided on the parking citation (e.g., make and model of the car, color, license plate number, and location of issuance).
  • Administrative Hearing – If the parking citation is upheld at the Administrative Review step, a person may apply for an Administrative Hearing. At this step, an Administrative Hearing Officer will review any evidence provided, in person or by correspondence. Based on the evidence, the Administrative Hearing Officer will then make an independent decision to uphold or dismiss the parking citation. The parking citation bail amount must be paid in full in order to secure a scheduled hearing. Payment plans, due to financial hardship, may be approved on a case by case basis.
  • Judicial Review – If the parking citation is upheld by the Administrative Hearing Officer, the final step is to apply for judicial review in Superior Court. At this level, a person must pay a court fee for their case to be heard by a judge. The judge’s decision to uphold or dismiss the parking citation is final and cannot be further contested. Each step in the process must be successive (i.e., one cannot go directly to Superior Court to contest a parking citation before completing steps 1 and 2). Should a parking citation be dismissed at any step in the process, any previously paid bail amount will be refunded by the City, including Court fees.
Parking Violation Sections

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