Landscape Transformation

The Central Basin Municipal Water District announces a new Landscape Transformation Program in partnership with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. The program will provide incentives to homeowners and businesses who are seeking to redesign their yards into water efficient landscapes. This is in addition to the District’s assortment of rebate incentives on water saving devices, all of which can be accessed via the Central Basin website at

“The Central Basin Municipal Water District is home to some of the most committed and conservation minded residents and business owners in Southern California,” said Board President Robert Apodaca, “Conservation rebates are one of the most utilized services that the District provides to the 1.7 million constituents it serves, intended as a partnership between Metropolitan, Central Basin and our communities as we work together to conserve the precious resource of water.”

Through these programs, residents and businesses have received more than $400,000 of rebate incentives during this past fiscal year 2017-18. For residents, some of the water efficient devices include: High-Efficiency Clothes Washers (which save 50% more water than a traditional clothes washer) and High-Efficiency Toilets (which can use almost 20% less water than standard toilets). Businesses are also able to take advantage of rebates for High-Efficiency Toilets and Ultra Low and Zero Water Urinals. These devices not only save water, they save energy!

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