Cannabis Related Information

Below are documents related to cannabis business operations in the City of Bellflower

Cannabis Business Permits

On August 12, 2019, the City Council allowed cannabis business permits (“CBC”) for recreational cannabis uses. Persons with valid medical cannabis business permits (“MCBPs”) may apply for a cannabis business permit (CBP). The City is NOT accepting NEW applications for CBCs or MCBPs. Only current permittees may apply for a CBP.

Permittees interested in applying for a CBP must complete a Cannabis Business Conversion Application and comply with Resolution No. 19-65, adopted April 12, 2019. A copy of that Resolution is available upon request and may be downloaded from the City’s website at

An application is complete if it includes all information identified on the application and the application submittal checklist here. No incomplete applications will be accepted. NO APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED VIA ELECTRONIC MAIL. Each CBP application will be reviewed by the City Manager and applicants will be notified directly of approval of conversion applications and issuance of CBPs.

Note that issuing any CBP (just like MCBPs) is completely discretionary (see BMC § 14.08.045; Resolution Nos. 19-65); nothing requires the City Council to issue a CBP.


Should additional permits become available, information will be provided in the Bellflower E-Citizen newsletter. You can sign up to receive the free newsletter by logging onto the City website at and scrolling to the bottom of the homepage and selecting the “Citizen Newsletter” square and entering your email.

All questions on the permit renewal process may be submitted in writing to