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Below are documents related to cannabis business operations in the City of Bellflower


On August 12, 2019, the City Council allowed cannabis business permits (“CBP”) for recreational cannabis uses. Persons with valid medical cannabis business permits (“MCBPs”) were able to apply for a cannabis business permit (CBP). The City is NOT accepting NEW applications for CBPs (or MCBPs). 

Note that issuing any CBP is completely discretionary (see BMC § 14.08.045; Resolution Nos. 19-65); nothing requires the City Council to issue a CBP.

Title 14 of the Bellflower Municipal Code pertains to Cannabis-Related Businesses in the City. 

Cannabis Business Permit Location Restrictions: BMC § 14.08.020


Should additional permits become available, information will be provided in the Bellflower E-Citizen newsletter. You can sign up to receive the free newsletter by logging onto the City website at and scrolling to the bottom of the homepage and selecting the “Citizen Newsletter” square and entering your email.

All questions on the permit renewal process may be submitted in writing to

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Additional Cannabis-Related Information15 documents

  • Resolution No. 21-35 - Dispensary and Retail Tax Rate Information
    document _recordid 1081
  • Cannabis Business Tax Return Form - Non-CBP Permittee
    document _recordid 974
  • AP&P No. 3 - Cannabis Products Derived by Industrial Hemp
    document _recordid 972
  • CBP Modification Application (2021)
    document _recordid 612
  • Cannabis Business Tax Return - Cultivation
    document _recordid 578
  • Cannabis Business Tax Return - Dispensary/Retail Sales
    document _recordid 577
  • Cannabis Business Tax Return - Manufacturing & Distribution
    document _recordid 576
  • 2023 Cannabis Renewal Application
    document _recordid 26
  • Cannabis Presentation CC Mtg 8-14-17
    document _recordid 25
  • Cannabis Map - 9-27-18
    document _recordid 24
  • Notice Regarding Unlicensed Cannabis Facilities
    document _recordid 22
  • Cannabis Presentation CC Mtg 8-28-17
    document _recordid 21
  • Cannabis Ordinance Fiscal-Economic Impact Analysis Report
    document _recordid 20
  • Cannabis Conversion Application (CBP)
    document _recordid 19
  • Bellflower Cannabis Related CUPs May 2019
    document _recordid 18