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Caruthers Park Fenced Off for Stormwater Project

The City of Bellflower has awarded a contract to Reyes Construction, Inc. for the construction of the Caruthers Park Stormwater and Urban Runoff Capture Project. This project will capture stormwater and urban runoff from both the Los Cerritos Channel and Lower San Gabriel River watersheds through a diversion system that will re-direct urban runoff and stormwater from an open channel located between Caruthers Park and the San Gabriel River, and an underground storm drain line running along the Metro right-of-way. The captured water will pass through a pre-treatment system to remove trash, debris, and sediment. A drainage pipeline will then convey the water into a large, buried multi-chambered storage and infiltration facility consisting of pre-cast concrete storage units.

The project will include the following major components: (1) a diversion system; (2) a storage and infiltration facility; (3) treatment and use of the captured water for irrigation; (4) replacement of the existing playgrounds, wading pool, impacted trees and landscaping with new playgrounds, a splash pad, new trees and landscaping; and (5) replacement of the existing parking lot at Caruthers Park. 

Construction is anticipated to be completed by Fall 2020.

For any questions regarding this project, you may contact the City’s Project Manager, Bernardo Iniguez, at 562-804-1424, ext. 2233.