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Settlement Agreement FAQs regarding homelessness in Bellflower

What does it mean that the City of Bellflower signed a settlement agreement?

     The City has entered into a Settlement Agreement to provide homeless Temporary Shelter Services (TSS) and is working to meet the terms of the agreement.     

Where will the TSS be located?

      The City Council and staff are currently looking for a location in the city that would be appropriate for this use.


How many people will the TSS serve?

        The shelter is aimed to temporarily serve up to 50 homeless individuals at a time.


How much of the General Fund will be spent on the TSS?

        The amount of the TSS is unknown at this time, however, the City is seeking funding from the County and other governmental agencies.


As a Bellflower resident, will I be paying more taxes to fund the temporary shelter?



Who will operate the TSS?

         City staff is interviewing non-profit service providers that specialize in managing TSS.  


When will the TSS be open?

         The TSS is expected to open by the new year.


For more information you can call City Hall at (562)804-1424 ext. 2278

( View Settlement Agreement here )