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Old Fountain Transformation

Last Fall, the water fountain feature at the Bike Trail Plaza (Woodruff & Flower) sustained severe damage as a result of overnight vandalism. The Public Works Department made several attempts to repair or modify the fountain, but the damage proved irreparable.

In addition, staff contacted the original contractor that built the fountain, only to learn that it could not be repaired and would need to be replaced. As a result, the contractor provided an estimate in excess of $90,000 to build a new fountain. This option was presented to the City Council at the February 24, 2020 City Council meeting. After some discussion, which included the future removal of the Bike Trail Plaza by Metro to make way for the Eco-Rapid Line (the current Bike Trail Plaza is built on Metro’s railway property), the City Council directed staff to remove the water fountain feature and utilize the area within the perimeter wall to create a decorative garden. Public Works staff is set to begin this work in the near future.

See progress on the Bellflower City Hall Facebook Page, City of Bellflower Twitter, or in future issues of the Bellflower E-Citizen Newsletter.