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Van Patten Leaves His Mark in Bellflower

First Mural in New City Program is Complete

The City of Bellflower is proud to unveil a large 60 ft. splash of color along Bellflower Blvd. just south of the heart of Downtown. Local muralist Dave Van Patten was commissioned by the city in early 2020 to create a whimsical design that would enrich the cityscape. The blank wall located at 16916 Bellflower Blvd. now exhibits a food-themed mural that represents the community’s homegrown restaurants.

“Virtually all of my murals focus on the theme of diversity. Since I sometimes have trouble centering on one main character, I center my focus on the many characters. I find beauty in the many elements, personalities and colors interacting with each other,” stated Van Patten. “This particular mural focuses on the colorful, vibrant diversity of the city of Bellflower and its historical farm and quality food culture.”

Van Patten is a prolific muralist, participating in the world renowned mural organization, POW!WOW! in 2016 and 2017, allowing his tiny comic drawings to span across entire buildings. Many of his murals can be found throughout Long Beach and Los Angeles.

“This remarkable mural continues Bellflower’s celebration of art and expression in our ongoing progress,” said Mayor Juan Garza. “It will serve as a striking destination that connects our community and locally-owned businesses with our past, present and originality.”

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