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A Letter from the City Manager

As you know, our City has been slowly reopening and your health and safety remains our highest priority. During these challenging times, we are continuing our diligent efforts to stay in contact with our residents and local businesses. In a recent community survey conducted by an independent research company, 73% of respondents thought the City has a need for additional funding to provide the level of services Bellflower residents need and want.

So few of our residents are aware that in the last five years, the California state government has taken away millions in funding for local services from the City of Bellflower. It is clear that any future funding must require that all funds raised stay in our City for the essential local services you rely on and not a penny can be taken by the county, state, or federal government.

Prior to the current crisis, our community already had more than 150 homeless individuals. As our community looks toward recovery, the City must help address homelessness by providing access to our temporary shelter and homeless services including job training, health and mental health services, substance abuse treatment and assistance to prevent home evictions. The City also seeks to ensure our business districts, parks and other public areas are clean, safe and secure for everyone.

Recently identified community priorities also included:

• Maintaining emergency/public safety response
• Keeping public areas clean and safe
• Ensure the supply of clean potable water
• Preparing for and recovering from public health emergencies
• Addressing homelessness
• Maintaining Bellflower’s long-term financial stability

I look forward to keeping you up to date as we get through these trying times together. If you haven’t done so already, make sure to subscribe to the Bellflower E-Citizen Newsletter by visiting: 


Jeffrey L. Stewart
City Manager