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Calling All Californians: #ShopSafeShopLocal

The Governor’s Task Force on Business and Jobs Recovery today announced a new campaign, Calling All Californians: #ShopSafeShopLocal, to encourage Californians to support small businesses in their communities as they make modifications to protect public health and help our state’s diverse neighborhoods thrive.

Running through July, the campaign is a call to action to help all California small businesses operate safely amid the COVID-19 pandemic and grow their digital footprints.

As part of this campaign, the State of California has partnered with industry-leading companies, such as Nextdoor, Google, and UPS, and launched a website that connects California’s small business owners to critical tools and resources. These resources will help California’s entrepreneurs adapt to new consumer Calling All Californians: #ShopSafeShopLocal and market demands and create safer shopping experiences by improving those small businesses’ online presence. To learn how to purchase necessary plexiglass partions, or vital PPE for employees, visit the online marketplace

For restaurants with wide sidewalk frontage and retailers seeking outdoor space, the Bellflower Recovery Program provides modifications to allow for outdoor dining and sales. The permit will allow for outdoor dining on sidewalks, parkings lots and other rights-of-ways. Retails sales are permitted in parking lots and side lots. All applications must be approved prior to business modifications.

Supporting local Bellflower business has never been so crucial. For a list of local eateries’ phone numbers, visit