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Needed Ballot Measure Deduced From Community Survey Results

Bellflower City Council Places Local Financial Stability, Emergency Preparedness & City Service Measure on November Ballot

The City of Bellflower City Council voted unanimously to place a local financial stability, emergency preparedness and City service measure to address the current and future needs of residents and local businesses through recovery of the pandemic and a recession.  

Results from a recently completed professional community survey concluded as much as 70% of the respondents indicated they could support this simple majority requirement measure.

“In the last five years, the California state government has taken away millions of dollars in funding for local services from the City of Bellflower,” said City Manager Jeff Stewart. “Bellflower needs locally controlled funding that requires all funds raised to stay in our City for the essential local services residents rely on.”

This local funding measure will require all funds to stay local and the state and federal government will not be able to take a penny. In a recently conducted independent community survey, the following service needs and priorities were identified:

  • Fund emergency & safety response
  • Keeping public areas clean & safe
  • Ensure the supply of clean drinking water
  • Retaining local businesses
  • Addressing homelessness
  • Maintain afterschool and youth programs
  • Maintaining Bellflower’s long-term financial stability

“Before this crisis, Bellflower already had more than 150 homeless individuals. As our community looks toward recovering, the City must continue to address homelessness by providing access to our temporary shelter, job training services and housing assistance,” said Assistant to the City Manager Randi Stover. “Also, it is important to ensure that our parks and other public areas are clean, safe and secure for everyone in our community.”