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September is National Preparedness Month

This year’s theme is “Disasters Don’t Wait. Make Your Plan Today.” Don’t let the recent earthquake rattle your nerves, make a plan to keep safe. Before the next big earthquake check out these steps to be better prepared and recover quickly:

Step 1: Secure your space by identifying hazards and securing moveable items.

Step 2: Plan to be safe by creating a disaster plan and deciding how you will communicate in an emergency.

Step 3: Organize all disaster supplies in convenient locations.

Step 4: Minimize financial hardship by organizing important documents, strengthening your property, and considering your insurance coverage

During the next big earthquake, and immediately after:

Step 5: Drop, Cover, and Hold On when the earth shakes.

Step 6: Improve safety after earthquakes by evacuating if necessary, helping the injured, and preventing further injuries or damage.

After the immediate threat of the earthquake has passed:

Step 7: Restore daily life by reconnecting with others and repairing/rebuilding damage.

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