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Childcare for Essential and Low Income Workers

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and the City of Los Angeles have dedicated part of their CARES Act funding to provide child care services (vouchers) for essential workers and low-income working parents during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Child Care Alliance of Los Angeles (CCALA) and its partner agencies will distribute these funds to eligible essential workers.

Eligible families must be:

• Essential workers or low-income working families (essential worker includes: parents/guardians working in essential services such as, the health care industry, emergency services, food and agriculture, and other businesses currently open as per the Governor's recent guidelines)

• Must live in Los Angeles County

• Need child care to perform their essential work

• Is not able to work remotely

• Meet certain income eligibility

• If the family includes a two-parent household, both parents must either be essential workers or the other parent must be unable to provide care for the child due to incapacitation

Families who meet eligibility guidelines may receive emergency child care services for their children until December 30, 2020. To apply visit