Southern CA Edison Begins to Transition Households to Time of Use Rate Plans

Beginning Nov. 1, Southern California Edison (SCE) will transition 2.3 million residential customers to Time-of-Use rate plans in six monthly waves that continue through April.

Time of Use (TOU) rate plans benefit customers who can shift some or most electricity usage away from times of day when electricity costs more to deliver.

SCE offers three TOU options for residential customers. Plans include “On-Peak” periods of 4-9 p.m. or 5-8 p.m. and a TOU “Prime” rate plan specifically for customers with plug-in EVs, residential batteries or other clean energy technologies. SCE’s Rate Plan Comparison Tool- Opens in new window can help compare options while SCE’s Appliance Energy Use Cost Calculator- Opens in new window estimates customer savings from shifting appliance use to Off-Peak hours.

Check out the comparison tool to see what plan best fits your household.  

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