Care Solace to Provide Mental Health Support Services to Bellflower Residents

Witnessing the profound impact of untreated mental health issues, the City of Bellflower has taken an innovative step forward to make access to mental healthcare easier than ever before. The City of Bellflower has partnered with Care Solace to prioritize mental and physical well-being for Bellflower residents and  to provide easy access to a comprehensive network of providers and resources.

As the City’s new central hub of care, Care Solace serves as a critical liaison between first responders, justice systems, social agencies, and community-based mental health providers. They offer streamlined  communication and coordination, to promptly connect individuals with the right resources and appropriate care. Individuals seeking mental health-care, as well as those requiring assistance with food, housing, affordable medical, and dental care, will now have access to Care Solace’s services. Care Solace will connect Bellflower residents to over 350,000  licensed mental health and substance use treatment providers. These 500+ dedicated Care Companions navigate the fragmented mental healthcare  system on behalf of individuals, to help find the perfect fit for their needs within the network of their insurance.

Care Solace's approach is human-centered and technology supported, to calm the chaos often found during mental health crises. Available 24 hours a day, everyday of the year, Care Solace provides assistance in over 200 languages, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all residents.

Chad Castruita, Founder and CEO of Care Solace, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "People in City of Bellflower deserve immediate access to the services they need and we’re here to support you every step of the way. We’ll make the calls. We will find the help you need."

This initiative demonstrates the City of Bellflower’s dedication to building a resilient community, where every resident has equal opportunities to mental health services at no cost. Call 888-515-7881 or visit their website at

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Care Solace Story from Care Solace on Vimeo.