SEAACA Provides Kitten Kits for Upcoming Kitten Season


"Are You Kitten Me?"
What to Know for Kitten Season
Limited Kitten Care Kits Are Now Available
Care for your found, newborn, orphaned kittens. Contact SEAACA to book an appointment to pick up a limited supply Kitten Care Kit*.
I see kittens. What do I do?
• Do observe the kittens from afar to see if they are sick or injured or otherwise suffering. If sick or injured please contact SEAACA at 562-803-3301.

• Do not remove the kittens from their environment unless they are in immediate danger.

• Do periodically check on the kittens to see if mother cat returns within 3 hours.

• If mother cat does not return and the kittens are orphaned, contact SEAACA for a Kitten Care Kit*. Kits include, a warming disk, a can of powdered formula, bottles, a kitten care guide, gel supplements, a small fleece blanket, and information on SEAACA’s no cost, spay/neuter, Big Meow Program.

• At 8 weeks of age utilize the Big Meow Program and become the registered owner of the kitten(s), find the kittens a new home, or contact SEAACA to have the kittens placed for adoption at the Care Center (9777 SEAACA Street, Downey, CA 90241).