Get to Know the Current Citation Strategy to Help Stop Illegal Fireworks

Last year, the City of Bellflower implemented a more aggressive policy to stop the discharging of illegal fireworks. The enforcement strategy permits Bellflower Sheriff and Public Safety personnel to respond to a complaint at a residential property, film the discharging of illegal fireworks, and if the person(s) lighting them cannot be identified, the property owner will receive a $2000 administrative citation in the mail. 

If those individuals who are discharging illegal fireworks can be identified by enforcement personnel, they will receive the traditional $2000 citation as per the City’s longstanding past practice.

All individuals that receive a citation will be responsible for its payment.

The Bellflower Municipal Code Section 8.16.010 states in part:  “It is unlawful for any person to fire, set off, discharge or use, or cause or permit to be fired, set off, discharged or used any fireworks except that safe and sane fireworks may be fired…”

The City of Bellflower is starting early to encourage all property owners to take a more active role in ensuring that family members and guests on their property refrain from using illegal fireworks this Fourth of July season. The City discourages illegal purchases - just don't do it. To learn more about illegal fireworks click here.

If you have any questions or concerns about fireworks enforcement in Bellflower, please call the Bellflower Sheriff’s Substation at (562) 925-0124.