Metro Launches New Adopt-a-Bike Program

Working with community groups, Metro will give residents of L.A. County who are most in need the chance to adopt a previously owned bicycle. The goal is to improve peoples’ mobility options and their access to jobs, recreation and other opportunities.

Some helpful background on the new program: Metro collects hundreds of bicycles every month that are left behind on the bus and rail system and at Metro facilities. These bicycles are transported to Metro’s lost and found facilities and held for 90 days as required by State law.

Despite Metro’s best efforts, less than 25 percent of bicycles are claimed by their owners. Until now the rest of the unclaimed bicycles were previously sold off at auction. But selling the bikes via auction wasn’t helpful to the many people in L.A. County who can’t afford a bike — but need help getting around.

In 2019, Metro staff began exploring how else these bikes might be used. A workshop with Community Based Organizations (CBOs) was held and, the Adopt-a-Bike program emerged. The Metro Board of Directors approved the plan last summer.

 Metro selected six CBOs to assist with the program via a competitive process. The CBOs hold bike distribution events throughout L.A. County over the next year. For more information on bicycle donation and CBOs visit