Bellflower's Kiosk C Will Soon Be Available for Lease

Want to join the growing business community in Downtown Bellflower? Belmont St. Kiosk C will soon available for a 2-yr lease.* This program allows for start ups and online retailers to open a small storefront (only 10’ X 10’)  to grow their business. Enjoy low rent and free adjacent parking in the heart of Downtown Bellflower. APPLICATIONS WILL BE AVAILABLE ON MAY 31, 2024. VISIT THIS PAGE IN THE FUTURE TO DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION.

Kiosk businesses may vary**, such as car accessories, pet grooming, small tool shop, alterations, handyman services, gift shop, hat shop, and more.  The City is seeking creative business proposals and is open to hearing all concepts. Business proposals must include the following:
•  Completed application - Applications are available for download on the City website or pick up a copy at City Hall at 16600 Civic Center Dr. (2nd floor)
• Explain retail sales or services, provide photos of merchandise/services 
• 1-year sales projections
• Proposed business hours
• Marketing plan

All proposals must be submitted in writing no later than TBD. For more info call (562) 804-1424 ext. 2249.

*Pay only 18 months of the the 24-month lease (City provides 6 months free rent).**Food preparation is not permitted, however certain non-potentially hazardous food(s) may be allowed per LA County Public Health Dept.  Applicants will be responsible for obtaining permits. 

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